PAYMAX vending machines and pay stations

The PAYMAX concept is endowed with extraordinary versatility. Its MAX2 controller and its various versions offer a lot of flexibility for many applications. Its elegant housing offers a most pleasant visual revealing a meticulous design and a high level of security.

Each PAYMAX is customized according to the needs of each client and offers the option of a personalized wrapping in the colors of its owner. All payment methods are available, ie; all coins and banknotes with or without change remittance, configurable value token, credit/debit card or prepaid card, as well as NFC-type mobile payment applications.

The PAYMAX vending machine can make CHANGE, sell TOKENS, CARDS, TICKETS or printed COUPONS, while offering up to 6 SELECTIONS at different prices.

As a payment station, it can activate external systems such as an automatic car wash, a parking gate, a bulk water distribution system or any other electrically controllable mechanism.

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    The Paymax CM2 is a modular change or token vending machine with two hoppers. This machine can accept all methods of payment.

    • Paymax cabinet with dual locking system
    • Large backlit 2x20 LCD display
    • Capacity up to 4500 quarters (or 3500 dollar coin) per hopper
    • Auto-transfer if one hopper empty

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