About SEM

We are Electro-Mechanic Systems S.E.M. Inc. Since 1978, our company is specializing in payment and control applications. We are designer and manufacturer of all SEM tagged electronic and software products. Our service department assures all our customers of the best support possible either on our products or those of our equipment partners. Our satisfaction policy toward our customers is at the base of our corporate values which include a total quality assurance and total integrity in our relationship with our clientele.

Our market

Our target market is divided in six sections as you can see in our welcoming page. But there could be more. Our territory is mainly North American. Nevertheless, many of our products found their way to other continents where they were perfectly suited. Our field of expertise, mainly money controls, can be found in those six product channels that are:

  • Printing and photocopying for which we offer payment and control solutions along with software adapted to public and private environments.
  • The Vending industry for which our CT3 and CTX Testers as well as our electronic controllers and all the products offered by our partners are well known along with our technical support and service.
  • The cashless business with our U-Smart and Aztek smart cards, our U-Gold online account software and our credit card solutions.
  • The Coin Timer business where our coin and card timers not only meet the industry standards but actually set them.
  • The Paystation business with our Paymax series offering many models of change, token, card and printed ticket dispensing machine, plus some specialized models for the parking, carwash and laundromat industries.
  • The Bulk water industry with our W25T vending machine solution plus our W25B for large bulk water station accepting cash as well as multiple E-Payment solutions like; credit/debit/prepaid cards or proprietary value smart cards.

With those six product divisions, you can certainly find some applications for copy centres, vending machines operations, food services, higher education and public libraries, as well as campgrounds, carwash, hotels and city services. All of them have one point in common: A partner offering well-suited solutions for payment and controls; a partner present for over 40 years that believes in the quality of its products and the reliability of its after-sale service.