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Centralised parkometer pay-station accepting coins, bills and credit/debit cards.

  • Paymax cabinet with dual locking system
  • Selection button programmable in minute, hour and day
  • Cumulative selections or flat rate selection modes 
  • Accepts coins, bills, credit & debit cards, prepaid cards or tokens
  • Optional personalized facing 
  • Large backlit trilingual LCD display
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The Paymax ''PAY & DISPLAY'' is a versatile self-parking payment station. This unique machine accepts cash and electronic payments such as credit card, debit card and mobile payment apps. Each unit is built according to your specific configuration and customization.

  • Up to six selection buttons, programmable in minute, hour or day.
  • Printed coupon displaying the time of purchase and the End time.
  • Multiple configurations allowing or not to return change.
  • Flat rate per selected period or rate per hour with cumulative periods.
Currencies accepted  Canada, USA, others on demand
 Coins accepted  5-10-25-100¢ (USA-Canada) 200¢ (Canada)
 Change payout  With standard coin changer or up to 4 hoppers
 Hopper values  25¢ or 100¢ (USA-Canada) or 200¢ (Canada)
 Hopper capacity  1500 x 25¢ per hopper (Max 2 hoppers)
 Bills accepted  1$ (USA) 5-10-20$ (USA-Canada)
 Bill stacker  Capacity of 400 bills (1000 optional)
 Controller type PAD-MAX  
 Display  LCD backlit 2 lines of 20 characters
 Languages displayed  English, French, Spanish (optional push button selectable)
 Vend prices adjustment  5¢/$99.95 (Items bought with cards can be different than cash)
 Printer  Coupon and transaction receipt
 Paper width 60mm (2  3/8’’) 
 Receipt printout  Automatic or delayed with push button
 Selection option  Yes, up to six
 Payment mode per selection  Programmable: cash only, card only, cash& card
 Push button type  Interactive with colored LED.  IP67 Certified
 Token payment  Yes, programmable value token
 Electronic payment  Yes, credit & debit, prepaid, privative or mobile
 Accounting report  Yes, on display, fixed/portable printer, or DEX data collection
 Web report  Yes, via optional DEX module (monthly fee involved)
 Error management  Integrated technical event log with date & time
 Light indicator   Yes, on door with diagnosis code
 Out-of-service message  Programmable
 Outdoor use  Yes with optional metallic cap kit + heating unit if needed


Stainless steel cap kit with ultra-bright LEDs
Pedestal stand for anchoring
Personalized facing with logo and text
Maximum Security locks
Medeco "T" handle
1000-bill stacker
  • Public parking
  • Prepaid access fee based on hourly rate
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