Aztek Cashless System

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Prepaid contactless card system for vending equipment

  • Easy to install on any MDB vending equipment
  • Cards can be reloaded on vending machine
  • RFID Cards, Tags, Keyfobs or Stickers available
  • Can be embedded into an existing access card
  • Many possibility for fidelity program or freebies
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Aztek is a proprietary electronic purse for unattended access or vending service.The secured RFID technology ( contactless) used in the Aztek reader requires no network link. A unique site code is provided to each operator and/or location. It is even possible to embed the Aztek technology to some building access card if nedded. SEM offers several types of purse such as; cards, keyfobs, stickers, tags and even wristband. Each of them can be personnalised to your image.

On the design level, Aztek distinguishes itself from other systems by its small size, its ease of installation and the optional display offering possibility of personalized messages.  With no mobile parts, its reliability and durability is no match when compared to other systems.

For your customers, the Aztek system offers multiple marketing possibilities such as a free coffee when a specific number of purchase is reached within a specific period of time, a bonus when revaluing the card, a reduced vend price based on week days and time frame, and much more other possibilities.  For the operator, all these advantages will result in an increase in sales and the creation of a favourable environment well suited to the particular needs of the site. 

This configuration is achieved by the means of a parameter card simply applied to the reader.

Whether it is for a simple means of cashless payment, for implementing control measures or a fidelity program to increase your sales, Aztek is the perfect unattended Cashless payment solution.

Loyalty, Reward, Freebie, or Control examples:

  • Consumption reward i.e. : 4 drinks a day, get the fifth free.
  • Possibility of creating groups having different accesses and preferential prices.
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Subsidies. i.e.: $7/day or $30/month.
  • Revaluing bonus i.e. : $5 gives $5.25, $10 gives $11, and $20 gives $23.
  • Freebie. i.e. Free coffee between 7h30 and 9h00 AM.
  • "Happy Birthday" Mode gives a free product on the anniversary date of the owner of the card.
  • "Lottery" Mode gives a free product randomly

Revaluing options: 

  • Revalue your card directly on the vending machine using a combination of coins and bills (providing the machine allows it).
  • Revaluing assisted with a special value-adding card.
  • SEM Revaluing Station accepting credit cards, coins and/or bills, can also sell cards.


Electronic wallet options:

  • Vending operator branded card.
  • Ultra resistant keyfob.
  • Self-adhesive Mifare sticker.
  • Waterproof bracelet ideal for recreational activities.
  • Already existing site card with supported formats.

Technical features:

  • Two types of MDB readers: With (InDA) or without a display (Basic)
  • State-of-the-art contactless technology supporting all card protocols:  Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus and DESFire, NFC for smart phones as well as HID optional. 
  • MDB, USB, CAN-Bus, BLUETOOTH, IrDA Connectivity
  • Configuration of the reader is achieved with a parameter card or a USB key.
  • Audit is collected either with a contactless card, a USB key, or an IrDA collector.
  • Hot list for cancelling lost or stolen cards.
  • No mobile parts nor insertion slot offering an exemplary reliability backed by a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Vending Machines
  • Pay-Timer Systems
  • Access System
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