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  1. CM2 Paymax

    The Paymax CM2 is a modular change or token vending machine with two hoppers. This machine can accept all methods of payment.

    • Paymax cabinet with dual locking system
    • Large backlit 2x20 LCD display
    • Capacity up to 4500 quarters (or 3500 dollar coin) per hopper
    • Auto-transfer if one hopper empty
  2. SC-MAX


    Retrofit MDB conversion kit for Standard Change Maker Systems 200, 500, 500e, & 600.

    • Quick and easy installation, fits in existing holes
    • Easy programming with LCD display and push buttons on the controller
    • Use Coinco and MEI MDB stack-down bill acceptors
    • Hopper transfer feature in case of empty hopper
    • SC-Max "Plus" version allowing credit/debit cards 
  3. Token Paymax
    Token vending machine allowing up to 6 selections and two high capacity hoppers.
  4. Card Paymax

    The Card Paymax is a secure and flexible vending machine to sell up to 4 different cards with variable prices. This machine can accept all forms of payment as required.

    • Paymax Cabinet with double locking system
    • Up to 4 card selections 
    • Accepts coins, bills, credit card, prepaid card, token or promotional coupon
    • Optional custom front decal
    • Trilingual large 2 lines display with backlit 
    • Optional receipt printer
  5. Access Paymax

    The Paymax Access is a secured and modular pay-station enabling the activation of an opening signal once fees have been paid.  This payment station accepts all payment methods.   

    • Paymax cabinet with dual locking system
    • Accepts coins, bills, credit & debit cards, prepaid cards, tokens, or coupons
    • Large backlit 2x20 LCD display
    • Optional ticket and receipt printer
    • Optional facing with logo and text
  6. Coin Timer 5500TX

    Multipurpose Coin Timer with display and avanced features

    • Advanced model with LCD 4 lines display
    • Electronic multiple coins/tokens acceptor
    • New electronic SEM X25T controller
    • Displays cash value and time remaining
    • Programmable custom message on LCD
    • Full audit through LCD and printable
    • Programmable Minimum to start
    • Auxiliary post-session output (i.e. for ceiling fan, lights, etc)
    • Optional Start/Pause button and beeper (with SLB module)
    • Allows flat rate or cumulative continuous session


  7. Pay-Timer 9900TX

    The 9900TX timer allows not only coin payment but also bill and card (credit or prepaid) payments.

    • Advanced model
    • Accepts all type of payments
    • New X25T controller with 4x20 backlit LCD display
    • Start/Pause button and Warning beeper (with SLB module)
    • Allows flat rate or cumulative session
    • Optional coin changer giving change back
  8. CVS9910

    Single card vending machine and reloader

    • Accepts coins and bills.
    • Up to three bonus level on revalue. 
    • Dispenser capacity for 200 cards.
  9. Credit/Debit MDB card reader

    Vending payment solutions for Visa/Mastercard/Interac

    • Accepts Visa, Mastercard (Interac Flash in Canada)
    • PCI compliant certification
    • Multi-Drop-Bus technology
    • Allow contactless payment
  10. U-Gold Readers and network Software

    U-Gold is an on-line virtual payment system working with software located on a server. Each transaction is authorized real-time by the software. Communication between the software and each reader takes place on the IP local network.

    • Cashless payment centralized system
    • Communicates through TCP-IP network
    • Compatible with multiple types of card
    • Adaptable to almost all vending machines on the market
    • Cafeteria POS available
    • Capability to set subsidies and/or limitations
    • Full and detailed audit report
    • Programmable restricted access for administrators


  11. Aztek Cashless System

    Prepaid contactless card system for vending equipment

    • Easy to install on any MDB vending equipment
    • Cards can be reloaded on vending machine
    • RFID Cards, Tags, Keyfobs or Stickers available
    • Can be embedded into an existing access card
    • Many possibility for fidelity program or freebies

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