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  1. Card Paymax

    The Card Paymax is a secure and flexible vending machine to sell up to 4 different cards with variable prices. This machine can accept all forms of payment as required.

    • Paymax Cabinet with double locking system
    • Up to 4 card selections 
    • Accepts coins, bills, credit card, prepaid card, token or promotional coupon
    • Optional custom front decal
    • Trilingual large 2 lines display with backlit 
    • Optional receipt printer
  2. Access Paymax

    The Paymax Access is a secured and modular pay-station enabling the activation of an opening signal once fees have been paid.  This payment station accepts all payment methods.   

    • Paymax cabinet with dual locking system
    • Accepts coins, bills, credit & debit cards, prepaid cards, tokens, or coupons
    • Large backlit 2x20 LCD display
    • Optional ticket and receipt printer
    • Optional facing with logo and text
  3. CVS9910

    Single card vending machine and reloader

    • Accepts coins and bills.
    • Up to three bonus level on revalue. 
    • Dispenser capacity for 200 cards.

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