Coin Timer 4500TS


Multipurpose Coin Timer

  • Economical model

  • Rust-free stainless steel cabinet

  • Low voltage

  • Choice of coins or token acceptors

  • Electronic SEM S25T controller

  • Time adjustable by dipswitches

  • Optional Start/Pause button w/interactive LED and beeper


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The 4500TS timer is equipped with our exclusive electronic timer S25T along with a coin acceptor. The rust-free stainless steel small cabinet makes it ideal for wet environments such as campground showers or any indoor or outdoor applications. Time is adjustable from 1 second up to 63 minutes per coin inserted. Two LED indicators tell about the current state of the timer. 


Additional Description


Here are the different configurations available with the 4500TS

Automatic start:  

This is the default set-up.  Session starts once the amount inserted reaches the starting value (starts either on the first or second inserted coin).  All other coins inserted by the user will simply increase the time.  Time is cumulative.  

Differed start and end-of-session warning with the optional SLB Module: 

When equipped with the SLB Module, the differed start requires the user to press on a lighted start button to start the session.  With the Pause mode activated, it is then possible to pause the time (and water flow if installed on pay shower) simply by pressing on the button. 

End-of-session warning with SLB Module: 

The SLB Module embedded beeper will warn the user about the upcoming end of the session.  With a simple dipswitch on the S25T controller, you can choose between a warning that will last for the entire last minute or the last 15 seconds of a session.  During this period, the beeper and the lighted button will both activate.  The volume of the beeper is also adjustable. 


slbfacefinger SLB MODULE

This surface mount little housing allows to START & PAUSE the timed session. Very easy to install, the SLB is a Plug & Play option.

valveSOLENOID VALVE 24VAC (24VDC also available)

This first quality solenoid valve is made of brass. Fully rebuildable, this valve will last many years compare to lowcost plastic valve.

transformer 24vac         POWER TRANSFORMER 24VAC (Power supply 24vdc also available)

This power transformer is easy to install using a regular power source outlet. Fully electrical certified. Wire sold separately.   




SEM timer series brochure


Use it for...
  • Pay-per-use shower 
  • Car wash
  • Electric car charging station 
  • Sports facility lighting
  • Arena infrared heating system
Single coin acceptor Accepts 25¢ or 100¢ or 200¢ or token (CAN)
Single coin acceptor Accepts 25¢ or 100¢ or token (USA)
Dual-coin acceptor Accepts 25¢/100¢ or 100¢/200¢ (CAN)
Dual-coin acceptor Accepts 25¢/100¢  (USA)
Electronic multiple coin acceptor Accepts 5¢/10¢/25¢/100¢/200¢/token (CAN/USA)
Two (2) LED indicators on face plate Power On and In Use  
Type of controller SEM S25T
Electro-mechanical sales meter Optional 
Time setting Minutes or Seconds per coin
Ajustable range Dipswitches adjustable from 1 sec up to 63 min per coin
End-of-cycle signal 15 sec or 1 min
End-of-cycle warning With optional SLB Module
Automatic start Yes, by default  
Start by push button With optional SLB Module
Pause by push button Programmable with optional SLB Module  
Programmable minimum deposit 1 or 2 second coin
"Accept Line" control Yes with external isolated contact
Coin rejection when in use or out of power Optional  
Coin box capacity ± 450 coins having a 25¢ diameter
Power requirement 24vac standard / 24vcc on demand
Electrical output Dry contact C/NO/NF, 2A @ 30 Vdc or voltage 24vac (24vdc optional)