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  1. Credit/Debit MDB card reader

    Vending payment solutions for Visa/Mastercard/Interac

    • Accepts Visa, Mastercard (Interac Flash in Canada)
    • PCI compliant certification
    • Multi-Drop-Bus technology
    • Allow contactless payment
  2. U-Gold Readers and network Software

    U-Gold is an on-line virtual payment system working with software located on a server. Each transaction is authorized real-time by the software. Communication between the software and each reader takes place on the IP local network.

    • Cashless payment centralized system
    • Communicates through TCP-IP network
    • Compatible with multiple types of card
    • Adaptable to almost all vending machines on the market
    • Cafeteria POS available
    • Capability to set subsidies and/or limitations
    • Full and detailed audit report
    • Programmable restricted access for administrators


  3. Aztek Cashless System

    Prepaid contactless card system for vending equipment

    • Easy to install on any MDB vending equipment
    • Cards can be reloaded on vending machine
    • RFID Cards, Tags, Keyfobs or Stickers available
    • Can be embedded into an existing access card
    • Many possibility for fidelity program or freebies
  4. U-Smart card system

    Prepaid contact smart card system for vending equipment

    • Safe and secured encryption
    • Smart chip card proven technology
    • Prepaid or subsidized credit loading
    • Cards offer a perfect corporate image carrier

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Cashless Vending Payment Systems

Cashless Vending Payment Systems