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Controller OEM for Bulk Water Vending Machine

  • Accepts coins, bills, credit/débit and prepaid cards
  • Up to 4 programmable formats in quantities and prices
  • Large backlit LCD display 2X20
  • Measuring quantities by flowmeter or time base
  • Programmable personalised messages
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The W25T is the perfect control solution for water (or any liquid) vending machine manufacturer. This very modern controller allows payment by coins, bills, prepaid card and credit card. It even allows the use of token or promotional coupon with programmable monetary value or free vend. The kit includes a 2X20 LCD large screen display and four interactive LED selection buttons. The first button called FORMAT allows to select one of four preset formats (or bottle sizes). Each of these formats is programmable in quantity, liter or gallon, and in vend price per steps of 5 ¢. The acurated calibration is provided by the use of a high-precision flowmeter, but the W25T also authorises the use of a time-base to determine flow if needed. A START button and a PAUSE button allows the user to fill the bottle in an easy and intuitive way. Finally, the RINSE button (optional) enables users to obtain a timed session to rinse their bottle before filling.

The W25T controller is also available in industrial version for the distribution of large quantities such filling tanker trucks for water distribution in agricultural area or home supply in bulk. This version allows for a price per liter or gallon using the same functions of payment in cash or by card.

Regardless of the version of your W25T, this controller offers a complete and detailed accounting of money inventories and sales. This report is visible on the screen or through a print-out. The W25T also offers DEX download through the web as an option.

  • Self-service water filing station
  • Self-service liquid products dispenser
  • Filling station for industrial water tanker
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