U-Smart card system


Prepaid contact smart card system for vending equipment

  • Safe and secured encryption
  • Smart chip card proven technology
  • Prepaid or subsidized credit loading
  • Cards offer a perfect corporate image carrier
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U-Smart is a simple, efficient, and secure prepaid smart chip card system.  It works for different applications where you wish to charge for a service or product.  Among those are, the purchase of a product in a vending machine, purchase of a copy or print in self-service mode, purchase of use time for devices such as a campground shower, etc. 

The information contained on the card is encrypted and can only be read by a reader which parameters are set the same as the information on the card.  This information contains a unique SEM code, a unique Site code and the amount of credit the card holds.  Therefore, a card from site A will not work in site B if the vending operator isn't the same in both places.  On the contrary, if the vending operator is the same in both places, it would be possible for that operator to accept the same card in both places.  

The credits the card holds come from two different sources:  Either they are prepaid; either they are automatically loaded using the subsidy mode.

Prepaid Mode:

As the name says it so well, prepaid means the credit the card holds were previously deposited in the microchip of the card by the owner of the card, either in self-service mode or by the mean of a tabletop programmer under the supervision of a person in charge.  Some vending machines equipped with a U-Smart reader can also offer the revalue function directly in the machine.  No matter how the credits got on the card, the owner of the card prepaid those credits.

Subsidy Mode: 

U-Smart card system offers a useful and much-appreciated function:  The automatic self-replenishing mode or subsidy.  This subsidy can either be a fixed amount given once a day or once a month or it can be a certain quantity of daily transactions with a maximum amount per transaction (i.e. 5 transactions/day with a maximum of $2 per transaction).  In all cases, once the subsidy totally used, the owner of the card must wait until the next automatic replenishing to keep on purchasing.  Unused portion of the subsidy will not transfer to the following period.  It is a use it or lose it subsidy.  Absolutely no handling by the personal is required, absolutely no recharge is required by the customer.  Also note that a subsidized card is also capable of carrying preloaded credits.  In such a case, both credits will add up with the subsidized credits being used in priority.  The best example can be a location where the first, second, or third coffee of the day is free.

U-Smart offers a cumulative internal audit of sales, both subsidized and prepaid.

The issuer of the card can have his name and logo printed on the card for publicity purposes (i.e.  "King's Coffee Service" or "King Street Copy Centre", or "King's Lake Campground".

  • Prepaid smart chip card system
  • Card stays into the reader for the transaction
  • Encrypted information
  • Readers equipped with a trap preventing insertion of foreign objects
  • Bright blue flashing LEDs
  • Remaining balance visible on display (the reader or the machine)
  • Revalue is manual, self-service or automatic (subsidy)
  • Vending machines
  • Office coffee services
  • Self-service photocopiers and printers
  • Cafeteria
  • Campground showers
  • Any device for which you need to charge for the use
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