U-Gold Readers and network Software

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U-Gold is an on-line virtual payment system working with software located on a server. Each transaction is authorized real-time by the software. Communication between the software and each reader takes place on the IP local network.

  • Cashless payment centralized system
  • Communicates through TCP-IP network
  • Compatible with multiple types of card
  • Adaptable to almost all vending machines on the market
  • Cafeteria POS available
  • Capability to set subsidies and/or limitations
  • Full and detailed audit report
  • Programmable restricted access for administrators
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Basically, U-Gold works with a magnetic stripe card similar to a credit card but can work with other type of card such as proximity, bar-code, QR and Aztec code. The credits contained in the account were previously deposited by a self-revalue by the owner of the account or by the subsidy mode.


Prepaid as the name says it is an amount the owner of the card put into the account either by insertion of coins and bills into a value-adding station or manually with the help of a person in charge.


The U-Gold system offers the automatic revalues using the subsidy feature. The subsidies are daily, weekly, monthly, or periodical.

Payroll deduction U-Gold allows for payroll deduction according your frequency. At the end of the pay period, a compilation of all sales done by each account is sent to the payroll department in the format of your choice. Following that, all accounts are replenished to the starting level.

The U-Gold system works in vending machines, water-dispensing machines, tool crib machines, at the cafeteria counter or with other applications on demand.

The Restriction Module:

The restriction Module is an add-on to Unilog Gold where you can enter a set of rules that will allow or denied a transaction to take place. The perfect example of that would be a automatic tool crib where you will allow a transaction to take place only when certain rules are met. Those rules can be based on a schedule, on any given quantity within any given period, or simply on a no-access basis to a specific selection.

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Unilog Plus Config

With or without the Restriction Module, U-Gold keeps track of every transaction. There is no time limit in the past. You can trace back the very first transaction that took place in the system. Who made it, when did it take place, what was the amount, what was the selection number, and what was the product.

Daily back-up takes place at midnight every day.

  • Food service
  • Water boutique
  • Industrial tool crib
  • Sport center
  • Vending machine location
  • Hotels
  • Old-age residences
  • Hospitals
  • Car washes
  • Correctional centers
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