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Single Price to MDB retrofit kit for vending machine

  • Replaces all Single-Price coin changers
  • Connects to the original 8+1 changer socket
  • Allows connecting multiple MDB peripherals
  • Full Audit with optional 2X16 display
  • Version "Plus" DEX and Cashless ready" now included
  • Buy 100 for CA$0.00 each and save 100%
(Size: 3.2 MB)
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The SP1 Conversion Kit is a small electronic interface enabling you to discard the older Single-Price coin changer and replace it with state-of-the-art MDB peripherals such as up to 6 tubes coin changer, bill acceptor and a cashless system since the "Plus" version" option is now standard on the SP1. The SP1 is a "Plug & Play" interface connecting to the original 8+1 Jones socket in all single price vending machine. For an OEM version made for single price applications other than regular vending machine, please see the SPK controller kit.

  • Accepts MDB coin changer and bill validator
  • "PLUS" version allowing DEX and cashless functionality now included
  • Vend price adjustable by dipswitches
  • Ajustable scale factor for price base 1, 2, 5¢ (by default), 10, 20, 25, etc 
  • Can be connected to a coin acceptor only if needed (Ex: NRI G13mft)
  • Works with US/Canada currencies and many others
  • Token management with Free vend or Value settings choice
  • "Accept line" setting menu (on/off)
  • Optional 2x16 LCD display showing Vend Price at all time
  • Selectable language (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German)
  • Provided with a universal power supply (100-240vac/50-60 Hz) and all required cables
Vend price adjustable from 5¢ up to $12.75, in nickel increments, in the usual USA/Canada Price Base configuration.
In special Price Base configuration, vend price can go much higher by modifying the increment.  That increment is field programmable from 0.05 up to 12.75 allowing using the SP-1 in countries like Chile, Colombia, Mexico, etc. (Minimum vend price 0.05; maximum vend  price 3251.25)
Messages to the customers and full programming are available in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and German thru the optional 2x16 LCD display.
Full audit available on the LCD display or by DEX download. (optional cable A08560)
Programmable to follow or ignore the Accept Line coming from the machine.
Bright red LED for Accept Line detection.
Capable of accepting a Free Vend or Value token.
Programmable ID of the machine (for DEX usage)
Declining sales when no coin changer connected.
Small size and small weight for easy shipping worldwide.
Quick & Easy installation
Bright 2x16 LCD display in option
Programmable with Dollar symbol ($), Euro symbol (€), or no currency symbol.
Cashless ready & DEX features now included
  • Vending machine upgrade
  • Addition of a bill acceptor
  • For coin changer upgrade
  • For a cashless payment device upgrade
  • Keep track of sales via DEX 
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