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 Retrofit MDB conversion kit for Standard Change Maker Systems 200, 500, 500e, & 600.

  • Quick and easy installation, fits in existing holes
  • Easy programming with LCD display and push buttons on the controller
  • Use Coinco and MEI MDB stack-down bill acceptors
  • Hopper transfer feature in case of empty hopper
  • SC-Max "Plus" version allowing credit/debit cards 
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The SC-Max controller enables you to replace the old original Standard Change Maker bill acceptor with a new state-of-the-art MDB bill reader. On top of all the advantages of installing this new upgrade kit in your machine, the SC-Max Controller offers an improved reliability while slashing down maintenance cost and making future upgrades much easier.

Fits SC5, SC10, SC20, SC30, SC40, SC50, SC60, SC90, and SC100 cabinets equipped with either a System 200, 500, 500e, or 600 bill acceptor.  Mounting plates included.Highly reliable and versatile controller.

  • Complete and detailed audit
  • Last 20 bills history
  • Last 50 events history
  • Fast vend shut-off feature
  • Accumulated value feature for token sale
  • Fits all SC type cabinets
  • Replaces Systems 200, 500, 500e, and 600 bill acceptors
  • Can control up to 4 hoppers
  • Vend mode for credit/debit card payment (Token vending)

Compatible with Systems 200, 500, 500e, and 600 Series, the SC-Max Controller enables the control of up to four coin or token hoppers. Equipped with a built-in LCD display, the SC-Max offers you easy programming of your own payout configuration along with offering you a complete history of the last bills inserted and system errors tracking with date and time, not to mention a full and detailed audit that can also be printed out with a small optional printer.  The SC-MAX also offers the "Fast Vend Shut-off", a very useful feature designed to simulate an empty machine following repeated insertions of bills within an allotted time.  This feature is very useful in unattended spots to prevent surrounding commerce and taxi drivers to use your machine as an endless source of change.  The SC-MAX upgrade kit fits all Standard Change-Makers' models of cabinet having the above mentioned bill acceptors.

The "Plus" version offers the same features plus the possibility to add optional LCD front display, credit/debit card reader compatibility and a DEX port for monitoring data collection and telemetry.

  • 2 x 20 bright blue LCD display
  • On field programming with push buttons to accept and dispense according your needs
  • Four outputs for standard SCM hoppers
  • Serial printer port
  • Sold out indicator
  • Compatible with Coinco and MEI MDB stack-down bill acceptor
  • Compatible with Coinco MDB coin acceptor
  • Compatible with Mars CashFlow 300 pulse coin acceptor
  • Compatible with older or newer style SCM power supply
  • Independent 24vdc power supply for steady noise-free power source
  • Fast-vend shut off to prevent repeated abusive bill insertions by non-customers
  • Transfer feature when hopper(s) empty (equal or lower value transfer)
  • Full and detailed audit; Money in, Money out (printable)
  • Last 20 bills history (printable)
  • Last 50 events history (printable)
  • Fully trilingual (English, French, Spanish)
  • "Kill relay" feature programming
  • Numeric machine ID programming when you have a fleet of machine
  • Real-time clock
  • Print parameters function with optional serial printer
  • Comes with mounting plates for SC5 cabinets or all the others (SC10 to SC100).  Please specify when ordering.

Modernize all SC type Standard Change Makers machines

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