Pay-Timer 9900TX

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Coin, Bill & Card pay-timer 

  • Accepts all payments including credit cards & mobile apps 
  • X25T controller with 4x20 backlit LCD display
  • Start/Pause button plus "End of session" beeper (with SLB module)
  • Single price presetted session or cumulative session
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The Model 9900TX is our most complete time paystation accepting multiple types of payment. This larger and secure cabinet allows for additional payment peripherals such as a coin acceptor or a complete coin changer for change payout, a bill reader and stacker as well as up to two cashless sustems, such as credit or prepaid card reader.

The complete programming of all the settings along with sales report are made easy with the backlit 4x20 blue LCD display. The display informs the users of the money inserted, the remaining balance and the time left in the currently active time session.  The optional SLB Module allows starting a time sessions through an illuminated push button.  A programmable menu allows programming pauses in the time session.  That same SLB Module is also equipped with an end-of-cycle beeper with adjustable sound level and a lighted button that will flash accordingly to warn of the up-coming end of the time cycle.

For high humidity or outdoor environments, the housing of the 9900TX is available in rust-free stainless steel.  

  • Advanced model
  • Much bigger coin box
  • Low voltage
  • Accepts all type of payments
  • Electronic multiple coins acceptor or token
  • Option change payout
  • Option bill reader
  • Electronic SEM X25T controller
  • 4x20 backlit LCD display
  • Programming done through the LCD display
  • Full audit
  • Auxiliary independent output (i.e. for vapor evacuation fan)
  • SLB Module:  Start button/Warning LED and beeper
  • Allows for automatic of differed start with lighted start button

Here are the different functioning configurations available with the 9900TX

Minimum deposit: 

The minimum deposit menu allows programming a minimum deposit of money to start a time cycle.  A 60-second grace period following the end of a time cycle will allow adding money below the minimum deposit in order to add extra time to the precious time session.  

Maximum deposit: 

The maximum deposit will limit the amount of money to be inserted into the timer.  

Automatic start:  

The automatic start will initiate the time cycle the moment the minimum deposit has been reached.  

Differed start with the SLB Module: 

The SLB Module with its lighted push button will allow a differed start of the session.  With the Pause mode activated, that same button will allow pausing the time by simply pressing on it. 

Start with an auxiliary control:  

This will allow starting a time session under the control of an auxiliary external device.  In this mode, the time session will start only when the timer receives a signal from that external device.  

Auxiliary contact: 

The auxiliary contact will allow keeping power on to a secondary device longer than the principal time session.  Therefore, this contact will stay closed for a programmable period to keep energized a lighting system or an evacuation fan following the time paid.  

End-of-session warning: 

Two warnings allow telling a customer about an upcoming end-of-session.  The first warning, lasting 5 seconds, is programmable for a number of seconds/minutes before the end of the session.  The second warning is adjustable in seconds for the last xx seconds of a cycle.  When the SLB is added, the lighted button and the adjustable volume beeper will react accordingly.

Accept 5¢/10¢/25¢/100¢/200¢/token with electronic coin acceptor (can/usa); Compatible with other internal currencies
Accepts 5¢/10¢/25¢/100¢/200¢/token with electronic coin changer giving out change (can/usa) optional; Compatible with other internal currencies
Accept $1, $5, $10, $20 (USA) or $5, $10, $20 (CAN) optional
Accepts credit cards or prepaid (optional)
Type of controller  X25T 
Display backlit 4X20 blue LCD
Language on display English/French/Spanish 
Info on display Time or time + balance
Audit report Detailed via display
Time vend price Adjustable per penny (1¢) increment
Length of time session Adjustable per second through the display
End-of-session signal Two, programmable 
End-of-session beeper Yes with optional SLB
Automatic start Yes by default
Differed start Yes with optional SLB
Time pauses Yes with optional SLB
Automatic start Yes by default
Differed start Yes with optional SLB 
Time pauses Yes with optional SLB 
Coin box capacity ± 5000 coins having the diameter of a quarter
Power requirement 24vac standard / 24vdc on demand
Main electrical output Dry contact C/NO/NC 2A @ 30 Vdc or voltage 24vac (24vcc optional) 
Auxiliary electrical output Voltage 12 vcc 2amps. Adjustable post-session in seconds
Pedestal in painted metal optional
Stainless steel cabinet optional
  • Pay-per-use shower 
  • Car wash
  • Electric car charging station 
  • Sports facility lighting
  • Arena infrared heating system
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