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Logic/Micromech to MDB retrofit kit

  • Replaces all Logic/Micromech coin changers
  • Enables an MDB coin changer
  • Enables an MDB bill acceptor
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The LS1 is a small Logic (Micromech) to MDB converter enabling you to replace old Logic 24 or 117-volt, 12 or 15-pins coin changers with an MDB coin changer or bill acceptor. The LS1 comes with its own power supply. 

This small and easy-to-install Logic to MDB converter will keep your older Logic/Micromech machine running for many more years by allowing you to install an MDB coin changer (up to 6 tubes) and an MDB bill acceptor.

When a bill acceptor is connected, the LS-1 will offer you two operating modes.  The first is just like a regular vending machine, a bill is inserted, the amount is either totally or partially transferred to the machine (depending of dipswitches settings) and the transaction takes place.  The other way is transforming your machine into a change machine.  Upon insertion of any bills, change is immediately given out by the coin changer. Customer then inserts the required coins to buy their item. A complete installation and operating manual comes with the LS-1. Take note that the LS1 is not compatible with credit card payment systems.

Replaces all Logic/Micromech coin changers.
Allows from 3 to 6-tube coin changers.
Works in both 24 vdc and 117 vdc environments.
Comes with its own power source.
Connects to the original changer socket in the machine.
Allows working as a change machine or as a regular vending machine when a bill acceptor is connected.
Allows transfer of the full amount inserted to the machine or only part of it.
Dipswitch programmable.
Optional MDB LCD display showing amount inserted
Does NOT support DEX
Does NOT support credit card payment devices

Vending machine retrofit

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