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Vending Tester PRO

  • Can test Single-price, Logic/Micromech & MDB coin changers
  • Can test MDB bill acceptors and most cashless systems
  • Can test pulse-type bill acceptors with the optional EBVM
  • Shows all messages sent to the VMC for easy diagnosis
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Indispensable tool for vending technician workshop
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The CT3 Vending Tester PRO from S.E.M. is capable of testing all US/Canadian coin changers and bill acceptors. It supports many protocols, old or new, and is equipped with the SSPS Overload feature protecting the unit against shorted devices. Furthermore, the CT3 offers 3 programmable selections enabling you to test your MDB equipments in real life situation with multiple peripherals.

  • Capable of testing Single-Price 120-v, Logic 24/117-vdc, MDB coin changers + MDB bill acceptor.
  • Capable of testing pulse-type bill acceptors with the optional EBVM.
  • Capable of testing coin changers having up to six tubes.
  • MDB level programmable for testing in Level 2 or Level 3.
  • Escrow, Stack, and Reject buttons for bill acceptor testing.
  • Three programmable selections for VMC simulation in the MDB protocol.
  • Tuning Mode (if device under test allows tuning).
  • Adjustable beeper volume.
  • LED Tube level indicators.
  • Large 2x20 LCD display.
  • Accept line selector
  • Serial printer port for test reports.
  • Works on standard North-American power source (120vac).
  • Inform the current voltage level at the power-up.
  • Surge and short-circuit SEM exclusive detection system.
  • Optional portable printer for test report.

Part number A00885
Protocols supported * Single price
  Logic/Micromech 12/15 pins 24VDC et 110VDC
  MDB Coin Level 2-3
  MDB Bill Level 1
  MDB Card Level 2
  Pulse type with optional EBVM interface for following models :
  Ardac USA
  Ardac ABA
  Coinco BA30SA
  Coinco BA32SA
  Conlux/Maka NB/NB2/NBE (120 volts seulement)
  Maka MKA/NBV
  Mars VFM Series
  Mars VN2500
  Mars GL4/GL5
  MEI Serie AE 9
Display LCD Green 2 X 20
Test modes Manual, auto-test & simulation
Number of vend prices Three programmable, on simulation mode only
Calibration mode Yes, for some Micromech/Logic and MDB
Dimensions HxWxD 7 1/8'' x 7'' x 9¼'' (181 x 177 x 232mm)
Power 120 Vac 60 hertz
Shipping weight 10lbs (4.5kg)


Interface EBVM A01070 (For pulse type bill validators)
Test jumper for Mars VFM series A01440
Test jumper for Coinco BA series A01560
Serial printer for printed test report  Please ask

*Compatible with most North American products

Test yourself all vending payment peripherals in your workshop.

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