Nayax Credit/Debit card reader

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Vending payment solutions for Visa/Mastercard/Interac

  • Accepts Visa, Mastercard (Interac Flash in Canada)
  • PCI compliant certification
  • Multi-Drop-Bus technology
  • Allow contactless card & mobile payment
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SEM supports payment by credit / debit card on almost all of its equipment. These readers allow payment by Visa and MasterCard (also Interac Flash in Canada). Each reader is connected by Lan or Cellular antenna.  Every transaction is approved in realtime. A web interface allows you to view transaction reports at any time.

Nayax’s Cashless payment solutions offer you the opportunity to appeal to more consumers’ payment preferences. Not every potential consumer who comes to your machine has cash, and we don’t want you to miss a sale. By offering your customer cashless payments, you allow them to buy an item using most credit or debit cards or mobile wallet apps. This provides convenience and security, which in turn leads to higher revenue for you.

What kind of cashless payments are accepted?

  • Credit / Debit cards
  • Prepaid cards, closed environment
  • Swipe, contact (insert), and contactless
  • Mobile wallet apps
How do you prevent fraudulent purchases?

Nayax’s cashless payment solution includes an anti-fraud threshold that you can set to ensure maximum transaction safety.

How do I know if my machine is compatible?

Nayax’s cashless payment solutions are easy to install, simple to use, and compatible with all automated machine and standard protocols. Consult an SEM's reprentative to get more details.

What about technology updates?

Software updates are available remotely, so you can enjoy the latest features and fixes without needing to visit each machine.

Are cashless payments safe and secure?

Nayax Cashless payment solutions meet the highest industry standards and are fully certified by the top institutions and meet regulatory compliance, including EMVCo (level 1 and 2), CE, FCC, RoHS, Mastercard PayPass, Visa payWave, and PCI DSS.

What fees are involved with a cashless payment solution?

Nayax’s monthly fee is all-inclusive. It covers bank interaction, terminal fees, interchange fees, acquire processing fees, and merchant account fees.

  • Vending Machines
  • Pay-Timers
  • Pay-Stations & Kiosks
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