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Coin-op for copiers, printers, or PC applications

  • Compatible with all copier brands and most Pay-per-Print softwares
  • Accepts coins, bills and cashless systems
  • Up to 30 prices based on payment type, printing type and paper size
  • Large backlit 4-line LCD trilingual display with on-screen guide
  • RS232/USB serial communication for PC applications
  • Allow stored value cards, credit card and mobile payments
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The 9900X payment station is much more than a regular coin box for photocopier.  Its many features make this system the most complete on the market.  Controlled by our X6 circuit and equipped with a 4x20 LCD display, the largest on the market, the 9900X offers unique features.  Ideal for color multifunction copiers, the 9900X is capable of charging different prices for black & white and color copies, different paper sizes, double-sided and more.  The 9900X offers up to 30 different vend prices, combining cash and card independant prices.  When connected to some specific MFPs, the 9900X can charge for faxes and scans.  Furthermore, the 9900X series also connects to a PC for different applications such as a Pay-per-Print software, account-based software and others. The 9900X comes with a specific harness to adapt to each copier on the market.

  • Modular design allowing fast and easy servicing when needed.
  • Refinement brought in all stages of design and production of the station.
  • Removable plates for easy installation of credit/prepaid card reader and bill acceptor.
  • Uses universal MDB peripherals compatible in more than 95 countries worldwide.
  • Auto-detection of MDB peripherals and their internal configuration on startup.
  • Comes default with a 3-tube coin changer holding $34 in nickels, dimes, and quarters (USA/CAN).
  • Optional large capacity coin changer capable of holding between $250 and $350 of change.
  • Optional bill acceptor with built-in stacker cassette.
  • Optional extra large coin box offering about 30% more capacity for extra busy location
  • Detailed instruction manual.
  • Large, bright blue trilingual display.
  • Large escrow pocket for easy access to change payout.
  • Large backlit 4-line LCD trilingual display
  • Detailed instruction manual



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Currency accepted

USA, Canada, others on request

Coins accepted

5¢-10¢-25¢-100¢ (USA-Canada) 200¢(Canada)

Change pay out

5¢-10¢-25¢ (+ see option)

Model of controller


Escrow sales




Programmable message

Yes (Welcome & Service Messages)

Language for customers

English/French/Spanish programmable

Language for technician

English/French/Spanish programmable

Vend price lines

Up to 15 prices with cash /15 prices with card

(depends which MFP According paper size (3)

it is connected to)  Colour or B&W

   Simplex / Duplex

   Fax (connexion fee + pages)

   Scan to USB/email

Vend price

1¢ to $9.99 per signal (copy, print, fax, scan)

Free vend by-pass key

Yes with programmable limit

Bill acceptor

Yes, optional

Prepaid card reader

Yes, optional

Card Revaluing function

Yes, with three programmable bonus levels

Credit card reader

Yes, optional

USB/Serial Communication

Yes (Pay-per-print software optional)

Audit report

Visual on display; printer or download


24vac. From 120vac/24vac power supply included

Swivel wheels on pedestal

Yes, optional

  • For photocopy and print charges
  • To reload a user on-line account or prepaid card
  • For collecting any service fees when attach to a PC
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